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Instagram widget
feed for website

Create an Instagram widget for your website with your account information and a subscribe button. A convenient constructor will allow you to customize the widget to your liking.

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Why did we create the widget? «Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, formerly a social network about food»

Today every Internet user knows about Instagram. If she does not use it herself, then at least she hears about it almost every day. With the rapid development of this social network, more and more web developers want to interact with it in any possible way. Although, Instagram itself is not so friendly with developers.

Instagram admins do not allow some people to work with their API, while, without warning, limit others the amount of data available for receiving. 

We have simple tasks that need to be solved daily!

«Instagram Widget for Your Site» was designed for newbie web developers, IT beginners, home page builders, and system administrators.

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